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From Humble Beginnings

In 2019 – almost 20 years since Nhulundu began its humble, grassroots services with a handful of clients and a few hours care each per week, we are now proud to be one of the largest health-care providers in the region with over 40 highly competent staff and a budget in excess of $4 million dollars to deliver holistic care across a range of health services.

In 2000 – Nhulundu Wooribah Indigenous Health Organisation was incorporated.  Run by parent body Gehgre and Nhulundu Health Service until 2007 and in 2016, we underwent a name change to Gladstone Region Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Service (GRAICCHS) t/a Nhulundu Health Service.

We are an incorporated Aboriginal organisation, initiated by and based in a local Aboriginal community, and governed by an Aboriginal body that is elected by that Aboriginal community. These are the obligations of the Gladstone Region Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Service – otherwise known and trading as Nhulundu Health Service.

Our guiding mission all along has been to provide a safe, friendly environment for our people with access to the latest and up to date services and information and health education. We will empower our community to make informed decisions about their health and assist the rest of the Gladstone region to understand the important role Nhulundu Health Service plays in the overall health care standards of our town.

Our Vision

Nhulundu Health Service is a dynamic organisation operating at the highest level of health care, services and advancement in medical services and procedures. This reflects our vision for improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Gladstone and the surrounding region. Our committed staff ensure continued provision of high quality, culturally appropriate health care, community and family support and services to our community.

We will continue to work on these strengths and, we will work to empower our people to take control of their own family’s health and wellbeing.  By working together with our community, we will strive for equitable health outcomes and build healthier lives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our Vision

Our Vision | Nhulundu Health Service Gladstone

Our Mission

To provide culturally appropriate, comprehensive primary health care that is of the highest standard and is directed towards ‘Closing the Gap’ in Indigenous health.

To work towards improved patient access and an improved patient journey – a journey where the patient is centred and engaged, through excellent and efficient care and community education which will deliver improved wellbeing for all.

Our Sector

  • NACCHO the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (AICCHO) is the national peak body for Aboriginal health. It represents the needs and interests of its Members and Affiliates in the national arena. It supports Affiliates at a jurisdictional level and works collectively with them to address shared concerns on a national basis.
  • Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) is the peak body for the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island community controlled health sector in Queensland. QAHIC’s role is to provide leadership, advocacy and assistance to the sector in the planning, development, and availability of comprehensive primary health care.
  • Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services (AICCHS) including Nhulundu Health Service deliver comprehensive primary health services on the ground. They do so with the help and assistance of both State and Regional support entities.

Our Sector

Our Funding Bodies

Gladstone Region Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Service would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of the following funding bodies: